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Bone to Pick

by Princess Rizu



An original song inspired by Toby Fox's Undertale.


In an instant
Starting over
Meeting you here again, thinking "when will it end?"
Then it's over
Never closure
Only reinventing timelines over and over
Oh, the fear hurts
Will a smile reflect back from your knife or the mirror?
Now I wonder
How much LOVE is in your heart?

Do you spare them?
Do you end them?
Do you take away everyone I've ever loved, or befriend them?
I'm uncertain
'Cause I've seen it go both ways, and damn, it's unnerving
When you know that
In a million other lives you're living without them
And without him
What's the point of living on?

Some days we keep your company
Some days they hear your knife and flee
Some days we're up there in the sun
Some days you've murdered all but one

Tell me, are you the violent one?
Has someone forced you to succumb?
Regardless of the why or who
I've got a bone to pick with you

Just imagine
If you never fell down here I wouldn't be tortured and ragged
And it's sad, 'cause
Even when you mean no harm, the memories attack and
It's the violence
It's the murder and the loss, the miserable silence
Wonder why it's left me haunted for so long

Can't erase it
Can't contain it
Can't forget the CHARAde of a smile on your face and I hate it
You're insane and
Even though you've spared them all this time, that won't change it
In your face there's
Something evil and inhuman, dark and invasive
Do you hate them?
Is this even you at all?

Won't you stop this?
'Cause I promise
That you're stronger than this, I know you can resist, no more bloodshed
No more dying
No more nightmares, no more waking broken and crying
They've possessed you
But you've got to shut them out, don't let them repress you
Or it's best you never come back Underground

(You can't know what you've put me through
You dirty brother killer, you
You were so worthy in his eyes
How could you make me watch him die?)

It continues
Like a circle
Never ending, unchanging, restarting, the pain, it's a nightmare
Now you're right there
What do you want from me this time? Just let it end here
I remember
When we used to be so innocent, now that's over
Starting over
Turn around and shake my hand


released December 17, 2015
Vocals, Melody, and Lyrics: Lizzy Hofe (Princess Rizu)
Instrumental: Jukedeck
Inspired by Toby Fox's Undertale


all rights reserved



Princess Rizu

Princess Rizu likes to sing original songs, covers, and parodies of video game and animated stuff. Sometimes other stuff too. A.K.A. Lizzy Hofe.

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