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An original song inspired by Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe.
(feat. Sierra Nelson)



A: Sup P? Whatcha got your panties in a bunch over this time?

P: Amethyst, PLEASE. Be serious.

A: I thought I was being serious.

P: Well, you're not.

A: Hey, can we get this over with? There’s garbage in my cave that’s calling my name!

P: Ugh. Fine by me.

A: Fine.

P: Good.

A: *blows raspberry*


P: Why must you always act so boorish?
Stuffing your face with your vile assortments
Amethyst, please, this is important!
Can't you just be reasonable?

A: Ha! Says the one who's so obsessive
Freaking out over tiny messes
Just admit, you think I'm impressive
Purple Puma, in for the kill!

P: Honestly, sometimes I feel as though we're night and day

A: Even further, but I know ya love me anyway

P: Well, you're--

A: Aware that you--

P: Do care, so

Both: You may puzzle me, yet together we can be so
Powerful, our sparkling

A: Sure, I act before asking questions

P: And I can be a tad excessive

A: Mash it up, and we can't suppress it

Both: There's a beauty, balance at heart
But blink and you'll miss it, 'cause we tend to fall apart

For now, we're beautiful
Powerful, our sparkling

A heart so full
We are something special


released April 22, 2016
Vocals: Lizzy Hofe and Sierra Nelson
Melody: Lizzy Hofe
Lyrics: Lizzy Hofe (with an adjustment by Sierra Nelson)
Instrumental: Jukedeck
Inspired by Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)


all rights reserved



Princess Rizu

Princess Rizu likes to sing original songs, covers, and parodies of video game and animated stuff. Sometimes other stuff too. A.K.A. Lizzy Hofe.

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