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Unstable (We Are Malachite Now)

by Princess Rizu



An original song inspired by Cartoon Network's Steven Universe.


Dark, chains, I can't feel anything but you
Pain, hate, in everything we do
Stamp out this fire, I feel as if I'm burning
Feel as if I'm burning

You tricked me, trapped me, in our own despair
There's ice cold water in your stare
You hold me down, I feel as if I'm drowning
Feel as if I'm drowning

I can't see
Set me free
I am suffocating

What are we?
Hiding deep
In the sea
You and me
Cannot be
But I've got to save him

I'm afraid maybe I'm not strong enough
Give it up, you know you're not strong enough
There's no choice, please, I must be strong enough
Give it up
Can't give up
Time is up
Strong enough

Knowing I've
My whole life
To this fight
Is alright
Because I'll protect him

You can try
But I'll pry
You and I
From this lie
Try to fly
I'll have my revenge and

You'll be dust running through my fingertips
Steven, please, don't you dare save me from this
Just as soon as the chains break, you'll be split
Don't resist
Broken bits
Hide from this

We're toxic, hot, sick, fighting for our minds
You can't control me with your lies
Get out of my head, this is so unstable
We are so unstable

I once was free, I almost had it all
You're hurting me, we're unsustainable
Get used to this, 'cause we are Malachite now
We are Malachite now

This is it
When they're bit
Venom drips
From our lips
And it hits
Someone I've respected

Get a grip
Just admit
That you quit
You give in
He's a kid
Hardly worth protecting

When I'm free, this will all be rectified
He's the one person who's still on my side
Let me go or we die here with the tide
Yes, I lied
Just decide
Steven, hide!
No more pride

I've lost myself, forgotten who I was
Can't hear my screaming voice because
Our selves are over, we are Malachite now
I am Malachite now


released November 30, 2015
Vocals, Melody, and Lyrics: Lizzy Hofe (Princess Rizu)
Instrumental: Jukedeck
Inspired by Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)


all rights reserved



Princess Rizu

Princess Rizu likes to sing original songs, covers, and parodies of video game and animated stuff. Sometimes other stuff too. A.K.A. Lizzy Hofe.

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