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What You Were

by Princess Rizu



What You Were is an original fan song inspired by Rebecca Sugar's wonderful series Steven Universe. It takes place from Steven's point of view, and explores some of the feelings that he might have about never having the chance to meet his mother, as well as some self doubt and how he might feel about the gems wanting him to be like her.

This is also the final part of my "Rose Trilogy" of songs, the first two being Through His Eyes and Gonna Be Alright.


How can I be what I must be?
What do they expect of me?
I keep trying, so why can't I find in my mind how to be what you were?

I never got to hear your plan
Never got to hold your hand
Though you're with me, I know, sometimes I feel alone
Am I strong enough to

Be what you were, with my own worth?
How can I protect our Earth?
Love your face on the wall, but it makes me feel small
When compared to your life

There's so much that I still don't know
Why do they shelter me?
I'm scared, but if I'm gonna grow
They've got to tell me eventually

If I learn, will it make me strong?
Or will I freeze with fear?
Not human, but not just a gem
Sure would be nice to know why I'm here

In the legacy you left
Guess my destiny is set
With the Earth in our hands, with my family I'll stand
Fighting in your honor

I hear them cry sometimes at night
And I know they miss your light
And it hurts me because if my life never was, they might not be so sad

Still, since I'm here, I might as well
Do my best, 'cause they can tell
Even though I'm just me, I'll succeed, and they'll see I can be what you were



released August 7, 2015
Vocals, Melody, and Lyrics: Lizzy Hofe (Princess Rizu)
Instrumental: Jukedeck
Inspired by Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)


all rights reserved



Princess Rizu

Princess Rizu likes to sing original songs, covers, and parodies of video game and animated stuff. Sometimes other stuff too. A.K.A. Lizzy Hofe.

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