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You Ain't Nothin'

by Princess Rizu



An original song inspired by Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe.


Knuckles crack, welcome back
The Queen of Force
Buckle up, let the muscle set the course
Crackle, pop, feel the tremors through the ground

Watch 'em break, watch 'em tumble from the sky
See the wonder ignited in their eyes
Baby please, no one's gonna take me down

Ever seen what the god of beasts looks like?
I'm a monster, so why put up a fight?
Been a while since I last came out to play

I'm the dragon, and I have come to feast
All in one, I am Beauty AND the Beast
Settle in baby, 'cause I'm here to stay

Think you're somethin'? I think you'll find
You ain't nothin', I'll make you my
Greatest victim, nowhere to hide
Watch the beat come back again

Never stay in between the lines
Crash, ka-ching, like a dollar sign
Don't you worry, the pleasure's mine
And the beat comes back again

Can you feel the beat rip through this sound and your skin?
I'm unconventional beauty, witness the power within
You can't win, when you're up against me I do not hold back
I'm the queen of the smash, baby you ain't even a jack
So get back, 'cause I'm here to conquer, baby, you can't compare
With every strike I inflict, baby you're out here rollin' spares
It's unfair, go ahead, get mad, take another swing in the dark
Pop! Poof! Retreat inside, baby lest you start seein' stars

Every blow hits you harder than the last
It ain't over, so wait now, not so fast
Listen well, baby, hear now what I say:

I'm the shock that'll make your heartbeat skip
I'm the OG colossal power trip
Definition of "strong in the real way"

Think you're somethin', but come to find
You ain't nothin', don't even try
Watch me tower up in the sky
And the beat come back again

Don't you run, baby, don't you cry
When I'm done, they'll come back to light
Just let me start another fight
Then the beat comes back again


released May 31, 2017
Vocals, Melody, and Lyrics: Lizzy Hofe (Princess Rizu)
Instrumental: Jukedeck
Inspired by Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)


all rights reserved



Princess Rizu

Princess Rizu likes to sing original songs, covers, and parodies of video game and animated stuff. Sometimes other stuff too. A.K.A. Lizzy Hofe.

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